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MBS Core Pads - Tri Pack
MBS Core Pads - Tri Pack

MBS Core Pads - Tri Pack

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Comfortable, durable, and affordable! MBS Core Pads are aimed at beginners and intermediate riders that want a good pad at a great price. Your body will thank you for it! Includes 2 Knee Pads, 2 Elbow Pads, and 2 Wrist Guards.


  • Durable 600 Denier Nylon outer skin

  • Comfortable 9, 13 & 18mm EVA Foam padding

  • High-impact PP protective shells and splint

  • Adjustable velcro straps

  • Open back knee pad design allows you to put pads on without taking off shoes

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Approximate Sizing: 
4' 6" or under = XS
4' 6" - 5' = S
5' - 5'6" = M
5'7" - 6' = L

As a rule of thumb, you will want the pads to fit tight as to not move around during a fall.