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Best Electric Longboards (13)

AEBoard AE2


AEBoard G5


Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard


AEBoard AT2 Plus Electric Skateboard


Koowheel D3M Electric Skateboard


Shark Wheel Power Electric Skateboard


Skatebolt Breeze II Electric Skateboard


SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric


Verreal RS All Terrain


Verreal RS Pro All Terrain


AEBoard GTR Electric Skateboard


Exway Atlas Pro Carbon 2WD Electric Skateboard


SE Night Rider Electric Skateboard


#1 Electric Longboard at Affordable Prices

An electric longboard is a small surfboard-shaped board with four wheels connected. It is an optimum choice for both long and short-distance movements. Because of the high-quality products and materials utilized, the electric longboard also allows for smooth and efficient mobility. We ensure to offer you top electric longboards with long-lasting batteries.

What Make Us Your Top Choice?

We offer you the high-performance electric longboard of your dreams, developed from the bottom up with meticulous attention to detail at every step, featuring a new ride mode, unique to our e-skateboards, with top speed and lightning-fast acceleration.

Furthermore, the deck's design has been re-imagined using snowboard manufacturing techniques to give a more refined ride feel while maintaining flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving capabilities. Boosted motorcyclists have grown to like it. We've improved our products with a focus on the rigors of daily commuting, which has increased sales.

So, does it make a prudent choice to buy an electric longboard online? Yes. You also get free maintenance service for all approved warranty repairs.

Control Your Electric Longboard With Ease

When the board and remote are both turned on, the handheld thumb acceleration and brake-controlled LCD screen remote connect instantly. As the e-longboard moves, the LCD panel also displays real-time settings such as whether the system is connected, forward or backward, the board's battery levels, odometer, and real-time, miles per hour speedometer. Incredibly, all of this technology is controlled by a single handheld remote, but the smooth acceleration curve and smooth braking as the thumb dial is moved means that with a little experience, a rider can control an electric longboard with confidence and great performance.

Skateboards Electric For All Your E-Longboard Needs Fast & Safe

Do you love speed? Our premium performance longboards will take your riding experience a notch higher. Our products are safe to use for you and your loved ones.

Go Far

No need to shorten your e-longboard ride with optional extended battery life. Reach your desired destination worry-free.

Built To Last

We offer top electric longboards that are renowned for their high quality. Your e-longboard is tested to last beyond your expectations.