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About Us: is an online retailer providing competitive prices on high performing electric boards.  We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop on our online store by offering quality products and top-rated customer service.

Skateboards Electric is based in the USA. We distribute nationwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail.

We have been operating for over 2 years and built a reputable establishment online. Skateboards Electric has a great team and aims to grow the selection of E-boards more and more, offering our customers the best electric boards available.

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Press Release:

Skateboards Electric Now Offers Wider Selection of

Electric Boards

E-commerce retailer brings more product options at great prices

With all the environmental issues that have been happening lately, people have become more aware of the effects of carbon footprints on the environment. Now, they begin to shift to eco-friendly ways of living, like choosing electric modes of transportation over the usual gasoline-powered vehicles. 


Skateboards Electric, an online retailer of electric boards, has been in the market years before people began considering eco-friendly living. Now, it offers a wider range of electric long and shortboards that people can use as an alternative to commuting, sightseeing, and staying active. They now carry 9 brands and 35 models of the much-loved electric boards with more added regularly and offer them at competitive prices. 


Considered as an action sport and recreational activity, skateboarding used to involve only riding the wooden plank attached to roller skate wheels and performing tricks. Skate parks began appearing almost everywhere since the number of skateboard enthusiasts began growing in the 1970s. As time went on, people began seeing skateboarding as an alternative mode of transportation. Older kids ride on them going to school or their friend’s house. Young adults use them in running errands. Since skateboards are sleek, they are easily portable, so skateboard enthusiasts can simply carry them in their hands, or put them away in their backpacks. 


Now, riding skateboards is much more convenient. With the current technology, Skateboards Electric’s lineup of electric long and shortboards are now made with lighter wooden boards or carbon fiber, sturdier wheels, powerful motors, rechargeable batteries, and throttle remotes. They are high performing and made from durable materials. Buyers have the option to choose the kind of motor they prefer. Some are equipped with hands-free control, others include just handheld remote, while others come in both. The newest ones even have multi-speed wireless handheld remote so skaters can enjoy 10- to 30-mile rides. Some are water-resistant, come in portable sizes, and have long battery life. Other models are all-terrain electric skateboards that are great for both on- and off-road adventure. They are equipped with full racing suspension and hub motors and are balanced for both speed and stability. 


Apart from the premium quality and value for money, Skateboards Electric advocates safe boarding. To promote this mission, they offer protective gear for skateboard enthusiasts at great prices. Some of the protective gear available include wrist guard gloves, impact shorts, helmets, core pads, knee pads, and elbow pads. 


Other than skateboards surfboards and protective gear, Skateboards Electric also has exceptional customer service to assist in inquiries and after-sales concerns. It also offers fast and free shipping options and seasonal discounts. Also, it has membership exclusive to its clients.  


For those who are interested in using electric skateboards on their next commute, errand, or sightseeing, visit https:/// to know what kind of electric board is best for you.