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About Us:

Our Story


At Skateboards Electric Inc., our journey began with the passion of our founder, Thomas Oliphant. Born and raised in the vibrant Newport Beach, Orange County area, Thomas discovered his love for skateboarding early. However, his 10-year career as a professional race-winning NASCAR racecar driver and team owner eventually led him to the thrilling world of electric skateboarding. 


Driven to build, ride, and race reliable electric skateboards for beginners and experts, Thomas founded Skateboards Electric Inc. in 2019. We are based in Chandler, Arizona, with a primary service area in the continental United States. We take pride in being your go-to destination for all things electric skateboarding. 


Our Commitment


We are dedicated to providing a wide range of top-quality electric skateboards. Our selection includes products from leading brands and our innovative patented creations that will amaze you. We work hard to make the entire journey of discovering, researching, acquiring, and maintaining e-skateboards an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Our Community


At Skateboards Electric Inc., we're not just a business but part of the e-skate community. We understand the importance of getting outside and enjoying the thrill of e-boarding. As leaders and educators in this community, we aim to inspire and spark your imagination through our frequently updated blog pages, attractive web pages, carefully selected products, compelling emails, and personalized customer service.


Stay Informed


Take advantage of the latest tips, tricks, and updates! Sign up for our text and email newsletters, and watch for our pop-ups. We're here to enhance your e-skating experience with valuable insights and information. We always appreciate feedback, so please contact us anytime directly by phone or email. 


Connect with Us


At Skateboards Electric Inc., we're more than just a retailer; we're your partners in electric skateboarding. Join us on this exciting journey, follow us on our preferred social media platform, Facebook, and let the good times roll!