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Electric Skateboards Shipping from USA (<7 Day Delivery) (14)

Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard


MBS Helmet - Bright Idea - White


Hillbilly Impact Shorts


MBS Core Pads - Tri Pack


Koowheel D3M Electric Skateboard


Shark Wheel Power Electric Skateboard


Skatebolt Breeze II Electric Skateboard


MBS Knee Pads


MBS Pro Tri-Pack Pads


MBS Helmet -Logos - Purple


Exway Wave Electric Skateboard


Exway Atlas Pro Carbon 2WD Electric Skateboard


SE Night Rider Electric Skateboard


MBS Skateboarding Elbow Pads

Waiting for things is difficult especially when you’re excited and want to ride. All the skateboards on this page are shipping from the USA and that means speed. Shipping from the USA means that you won’t have to wait as long, and you can have your new e-longboard or shortboard faster. We want to keep you happy and pride ourselves on customer service, that’s why we try to remove all the stops in the order and shipping process. Order one of these boards and it will be at your door in no time. Browse the selection and order your new electric skateboard today.