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SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric
SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric
SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric
SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric

SE1 Dragon Skateboards Electric

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Introducing the SE1 Skateboards Electric: The Ultimate Riding Experience

The SE1 Electric Skateboard is the perfect way to experience the thrill of electric skateboarding. With its patent-protected design, powerful dual motors, and long-range battery, the SE1 offers unmatched stability, agility, and control.
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, the SE1 is the perfect electric skateboard for you. With its adjustable steering link angle and setting options for front and rear "Pivot Shaft" trucks, the SE1 can be customized to your exact riding style and preferences.

Breakthrough Innovation patent-protected design for maximum stability and agility

  • Pivot Shaft Trucks perfectly engineered for highest performance and stability with spring loaded steering link tie rods with adjustability.
  • Direct Drive Motors Dual 750W, 43Kv, 4.3",110mm direct drive motors
  • High Voltage Battery 14S4P (Samsung 25R) battery with a capacity of 10Ah and a maximum voltage of 58.8V5.5"
  • Tires 140mm 60A solid soft rubber tires
  • Deck Carbon fiber stiff concave deck
  • IPX-7 water protection: 30 minutes immersion under 1 meter of water

Factory Warranty:

6-months guaranteed mechanical reliability. Does not cover excessive wear a tear from extreme abuse or accidental damage.  

CPS Warranty: Available upon request

Shipping: Free Shipping to Continental USA

Pivot Shaft Trucks

  • Innovative design includes bearings in the truck base plate allows the main truck shaft to "Pivot" unlike any other electric skateboard truck ever made. 
  • Pin through the axle allows for precise weight transfer and engineering perfection for high performance electric skateboarding that is more stable than any skateboard truck designed. 
  • Innovative design steering link tie rods with compression dampening.  With the addition of these special function spring loaded tie rods engineering geometry is perfected for smooth rideability unlike any other e-skateboard truck ever designed.
  • Patent Protected breakthrough innovative truck design that maximizes stability at speed better than any other electric skateboard truck ever made.

Maximum Control and Balance, For A New E-Skateboard With Exhilarating Feel Of Intuitive Body/E-board Connection. Ride One and See For Yourself!

Pre-order yours today to be one of the first to have this breakthrough innovation e-board delivered as soon as it is available.*


Adjustable Steering Link Angle For Precise Tuning

Setting Options For Front And Rear Trucks:

C-1 setting

1) Maximum High Speed Stability

2) Wide Turning Radius Terrain

A-4 setting

1) Maximum Tight Corner Stability

2) High Steering Sensitivity For Lower Speed Full Tilt Performance

* Changes to the above design and specs many be made if necessary before final version SE1 DD is launched but sale price will not increase. Delivery delays may occur but all preorders will be shipped in perfect working condition ASAP. Best estimate for delivery is 02/2024. Cancel your preorder at anytime before shipping for full refund minus payment processing fees. Supplies are limited, first come first served so pre-order yours today!