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Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard
Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard

Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard

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The M24 Pro is an engineering wonder with 10 inch Wheels, and AWD. 

Black or Gold suspension is upgraded to be one of the Biggest and best e-boards Ecomobl offers. 

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    • RANGE: 20-25 miles
    • MAX SPEED: 27-30 mph
    • INCLINE: 47%-55% Gradient
    • DIMENSIONS: 46in x 19in x 12in
    • WEIGHT: 60 lbs
    • RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT: 330 lbs
    • CHARGE TIME: 4-6 hrs (with 5amp charger)
    • LIGHTS: Head light, tail light
    • REMOTE: Remote with screen
    • WHEEL SIZE: 250mm*55mm
    • DECK: 9 layer maple + 2 layer fiber glass
    • BATTERY:12S5P 960Wh
    • MOTOR: 3050 Watts 145kv 6382*4
    • DRIVETRAIN: Planetary Gear Drive
    • ESC: 55A*2

    *Upgrade the tires to 10" x 90mm for the ultimate e-skating experience: Click Here and add to cart. 

    Foot Straps are not included: Click Here and add to cart if needed.

    Remotes are like keys, it's great to have an extra one just in case: Click Here and add one to your cart.

    Skateboards Electric is the AUTHORIZED RETAILER for Ecomobl

    FREE SHIPPING: 5-7 day delivery free. 

    WARRANTY: Factory Guarantee 6 months

    Battery Care Guide

    All modern electric skateboards run on lithium batteries. These type batteries offer a significant amount of storage and discharge rate in a very small package.  Good care is crucial to extending the battery’s life span and ensuring that it continues to perform.  Keep in mind this is not unique to Ecomobl’s boards but would apply to all consumer electronics running on lithium batteries.

    • Do not completely discharge or overcharge
    • Over charging / discharging will cause permanent damage to your battery!
    • Each battery pack comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) that helps avoid over charging / discharge.  There are however scenarios that will still cause an over charge / discharge to occur.
    • Over Charging – As the board operates on regenerative braking, avoid intense braking (such as braking downhill) when the battery is fully charged.  This can cause the BMS to temporarily shut off the board to prevent overcharge.
    • Over Discharge – Avoid running the board’s battery to empty.  If you do,charge it back up to 70% as soon as possible.  Never store a full discharged board for an extended period of time.

    Avoid extreme temperatures

    • Batteries operate best between 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C) ambient temperatures.
    • They should be stored between -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C).
    • Keep the battery at 70% charge for long term storage
    • Never store a board fully charged or fully discharged.
    • A battery could fall into a deep discharge state when stored fully discharged.  This will render it incapable of holding a charge.

    A battery stored fully charged will lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life.

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