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Best Electric Skateboards (13)

AEBoard AE2


AEBoard G5


Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard


AEBoard AT2 Plus Electric Skateboard


Skatebolt Breeze II Electric Skateboard


SE1 Skateboards Electric


Maxfind FF AT


Verreal RS All Terrain


Verreal RS Pro All Terrain


AEBoard GTR Electric Skateboard


Exway Wave Electric Skateboard


Exway Atlas Pro Carbon 2WD Electric Skateboard


SE Night Rider Electric Skateboard


Carve Like a Pro With Skateboards Electric

Electric skateboarding is exciting, fun, and easy to learn. As a result of recent breakthroughs in technology the sport has grown in popularity around the globe. We present you with a compete list of mild to wild e-skateboards in this collection. To start building your collection of e-boards take a look around you and notice the types of rides that are available and waiting for you now:

  • Technical rough streets with cracks and rocks waiting to be navigated with precision on an AEBoard AX3 or an Exway Atlas? 
  • Are there 8-12 mile rides where high speed runs down smooth streets and wide sidewalk trails can be shredded on a Build Kit Boards Duo or an AEBoard GTR?
  • Are you looking to conquer beaches, sand dunes, and steep off road trails with a Telum BA or M24 Pro with BA Tires
  • Everyone here at Skateboards Electric recommends starting with a high end e-skate and growing into it but if your unsure and just want to get a taste of the sport for a very low price we have excellent options for you too AEBoard AE2 or SE Night rider

Make Your Commute To The Gym Or Work Fun With Our Electric Skateboards

Why take the bus or subway when you can switching to riding one of our e-skateboards. We give you an exciting reason to wake up on time for your job put on a helmet and surf the sidewalks in the morning before and after work. How many miles is it to get to your work or the gym? Your day will be brighter after shredding your esk8 instead of taking that truck or bus like you do every day. The coolest boards to run errands with and ride to the gym are Meepo Hurricane  or if it's better to have a fairly portable e-board that is light weight and fast go with the Brother Hobby Land Snail. When your ready to weave through the streets to all locations within 5 - 8 miles of where you live in style on a great e-board Skateboards Electric and our network of expert manufactures are here to help.

One more thing, on weekends, you can skate around the city at your leisure, perhaps even joining one of the local group rides to be a part of an incredible community. For longer rides we recommend our big battery 20-30 mile e-boards like the Ecomobl M24, or the Exway Atlas AWDWe are here to make your mundane commute and weekend interesting.


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