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Top 10 Affordable Electric Skateboards

Top 10 Affordable Electric Skateboards

When choosing your first electric skateboard, there are many factors and things to consider. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top ten affordable e-boards. These electric  power boards are great for all skill levels and range from all-terrain to street. Each board has their own strengths, which vary from price, range, power, and special features. 

With different styles of riding such as trail blazing, street carving, and daily transport, different factors need to be taken into consideration. A beginner rider with the goal of high speeds would be disappointed to receive a board that is under powered. Likewise, someone looking to take their board on long rides wouldn’t want a board with a range too short. Someone looking to take their e-board off road would be disappointed to find they purchased a street board, which can only be ridden on smooth surfaces. The worst thing that could happen to a beginner is getting a board that doesn't fit their needs or liking. The key components when making a decision to purchase your ideal longboard are price, range, and power. These three factors are detailed in the top ten options below. Your ideal e-board can be quickly identified after reviewing the following top ten beginner electric boards.  

1) AEBoard AE2 Electric Longboard


The AE2 Electric Longboard by AEBoards is number one on the list due to its unmatched combination of price, range, and power. The AE2 comes with three different battery options, ranging from 6Ah to 14Ah. 

  • 6Ah battery has a range of 13-18 miles, and a top speed of 20mph. 
  • 14Ah battery ranges from 27-32 miles with a top speed of 29 mph. 
  • Dual 250 watt motor
  • 1-2 hour charging time

    Overall, with its battery variability and unbeatable price, the AE2 is a great choice for a beginner rider.

    2) Skatebolt Tornado II 

    The Skatebolt Tornado II is an excellent beginner longboard. Its low price paired with its incredible power and range give it the number 2 spot.

    • 7.4Ah Battery with top speed of 25 mph and 22-25 mile range
    • 350 watt Dual Motors
    • 3 hour charging time

    This electric longboard has an excellent price, power, and its unrivaled drivability makes it one of the best boards for any beginner.  

    3) AEBoard AT2

    The AT2 by AEBoard has the best battery of its class, with a staggering 20+ mile range with a battery upgrade. The board is available with a Standard Lipo, or an upgraded Sanyo battery.

    • 9-12 or 31-37 mile range with a top speed of 23 or 34+ mph
    • 3-4 hour charging time
    • Rubber wheels 
    • Dual 360 watt motors

    The AT2 is an extremely powerful board, perfect for the new e-board rider who is ready for an exhilarating ride. 


    4) Ecomobl ET 

    The ET by Ecomobl is the best all-terrain board for the beginner rider, with a long range and power option available.

    • Power option 15-20 mile range with 30-35 mph top speed
    • Long Range option 20-25 mile range with 30-35 mph top speed
    • Power option hill climb slope rated at 30-38%, while range edition at 28-30%
    • 2000 watt dual motor

    The ET is a phenomenal all terrain board with a sleek, and robust design suitable for any beginner. 

    5) Hornet AEBoard 

    The Hornet by AEBoards is the perfect all around board, with its innovative design and belt driven motor.

    • 15-18 mile range with top speed of 28 mph
    • 800 watt dual motor
    • Belt driven motor give it rapid acceleration 

    The Hornet is an ingenuitive board perfect for beginner riders who have a need for speed, matched with reliability and safety. 

    6) Ecombl M5

    The Ecombil M5 is an excellent e-board with tremendous range matched with a high top speed. This top of the line board has special features such as cruise control, an odometer, and regenerative braking.

    • Range of 25-28 miles and top speed of 25-28 mph
    • Dual 540 watt motor
    • Special remote features

    The Ecombl M5 is one of the best e-boards on the market, with a variety of features perfect for the beginner rider to enthusiast.

    7) Brother Hobby Land Snail

    The Land Snail by Brother hobby is made from the high quality materials such as a carbon fiber deck and natural rubber wheels, which give it a sleek, durable design. 

    • 19 mile range with 30 mph top speed 
    • 750 watt dual motor
    • Innovative battery with short circuit and over charging protection

    The Land Snail by Brother Hobby is no snail on the trail, with high top speeds and unmatched quality, which make it a perfect choice for any rider.

    8) AEBoard G5

    The G5 by AEBoards is the most budget friendly board on the list, with impressive stats and a durable bamboo design. 

    • 4Ah battery option with range of 10 miles with 17 mph top speed
    • Upgraded 7Ah battery option with 16 mile range and 21 mph top speed
    • 250 watt hub motor

    The G5 is the most cost effective board on the list, making it perfect for those looking for their first e-board.

    9) AEBoard AX3

    The AX3 by AEBoard is an excellent all-terrain board with carbon fiber material and a powerful lithium battery with one of the highest ranges of any e-board on the list.

    • 31 mile range with 34 mph top speed
    • 400 watt dual motor
    • Carbon fiber deck and urethane wheels 

    The AX3 is the ideal all-terrain board, boasting a long range battery with impressive top speed.

    10) Shark Wheel Power Electric Longboard

    The Shark Wheel Power board features an innovative wheel design, which allows for all-terrain use and smooth riding at high speeds.

    • 25 mile range with a 35 mph top speed
    • 4 hour charging time 
    • Innovative polyurethane wheel design 

    The Shark Wheel Power board is innovative, durable, and a great fit for any beginner rider looking for an all-around high quality ride.