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Best Electric Skateboarding Pads (5)

Hillbilly Impact Shorts


MBS Core Pads - Tri Pack


MBS Knee Pads


MBS Pro Tri-Pack Pads


MBS Skateboarding Elbow Pads

Before you hit the streets on your new electric skateboard, you should gear up. Don’t take chances on the streets, especially if you like to go fast. Thrashed kicks, clothes, and knees aren’t cool, so take precautions and stay safe. Electric skateboard protective gear is designed to be functional and movable while keeping you protected. Skateboard Electric has all the electric skateboard protective gear you need. We have helmets, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and hillbilly impact shorts available. Customize them however you want and make them your own. Browse our selection of skater gear and buy some peace of mind today.