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How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

by Thomas Oliphant on August 17, 2023


Electric skateboards have become a popular mode of transportation and recreation for riders of all ages. The electric skateboard market has grown tremendously with technological advancements and increasing demand. 

As the interest in electric skateboards continues to grow, many models with varying features and price points have flooded the market, making the task easy for potential buyers.

This article explores the different price ranges and offers valuable insights for those seeking to buy an electric skateboard.

How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

The price of an electric skateboard can vary significantly based on factors such as brand, features, performance, and build quality. On average, electric skateboards can range from $200 to $4000 or even more. In saying that, there are also boards that cost you less than $150 and those that set you back by $6000. 

Budget-Friendly Options ($200 - $500)

At the lower end of the price spectrum, you can find budget-friendly electric skateboards that cater to beginners or those on a tight budget. These entry-level models typically offer basic features, a shorter range, and less powerful motors. 

While they may have a limited range or top speed, they provide an excellent entry point into electric skateboarding.

AEBoard G5 Electric Skateboard

This entry-level electric skateboard is priced at $289. It is suitable for beginners and casual riders looking for a simple and affordable electric skateboard, featuring a 250-watt motor, a top speed of 17 mph, and a range of up to 10 miles. The deck is made from sturdy 8-ply Canadian maple wood. As for the wireless remote, it features three-speed modes and thumb control for acceleration and slow-down. Click Here to see more.

Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard

Priced at $399, this electric skateboard offers a 300-watt brushless hub motor, a top speed of 10 mph, and a range of 9 miles. It also has a wireless remote and thumb control for easy speed adjustments. The deck is made from high-quality 8-ply maple with a kicktail for excellent maneuverability. Click Here

Mid-Range Models ($500 - $1000)

Electric skateboards in the mid-range price category offer a good balance between price and performance. These models often have improved motor power, longer battery life, and additional features like regenerative braking and customizable ride modes.

Riders looking for a more exciting and capable riding experience without breaking the bank will find suitable options in this price range.

Shark Wheel Power Electric Skateboard

This mid-range model is priced at around $999. Shark Wheel Power Electric Skateboard boasts a top speed of 26.1 mph and a range of up to 25 miles. Advanced features include regenerative braking, four ride, and four brake modes. As for the deck, it is made of 7-ply Canadian Maple and one-ply fiberglass for strength. Click Here

Ecomobl ET Electric Skateboard

This mid-range option is priced at around $899. Thanks to the dual 2000-watt motor and 74mm planetary gear, Ecomobl ET has a top speed of 30+ mph and a range of 20-25 miles (long-range version). The board is equipped with a double drop 9-ply Canadian maple. Advanced features include four ride modes, four brake modes, reverse, cruise control, and a wireless remote with a built-in display showcasing your current speed, battery levels, and riding mode. Click Here

Premium Electric Skateboards ($1000 - $2000+)

At the higher end of the price spectrum are premium electric skateboards offering top-of-the-line performance, advanced technology, and superior build quality. These high-end skateboards feature potent motors, large battery capacities, premium materials, and advanced features such as regenerative braking and customizable riding modes. The cost is justified by exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology. 

Ecomobl M24 Pro Electric Skateboard

This high-end electric skateboard is priced at approximately $2499. Ecomobl M24 Pro boasts a powerful 3050-watt motor, a 27-30 mph top speed, and a range of 20-25 miles. The board features 90mm wide tires, the highest ground clearance of most other electric skateboards. 

Fitted with a 9-layer maple and 2-layer fiberglass, the Ecomobl M24 Pro provides exceptional stability and durability, ensuring a smooth and secure ride over various terrains. Its advanced features and premium construction make it a top choice for riders seeking performance and reliability in an electric skateboard. Click Here

Verreal RS Pro All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Priced at $1309, the Verreal RS Pro All Terrain offers impressive performance on all-terrain and street surfaces. It is equipped with powerful dual 1500-watt belt motors, providing a top speed of 28-31 mph and a range between 21-25 miles (depending on the wheels). The board features a robust deck of 7-ply Canadian maple and 2-ply bamboo for enhanced durability and stability. Click Here

Wrapping Up

The price of an electric skateboard depends primarily on individual preferences and desired features. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option, a mid-range model with enhanced performance, or a premium skateboard with cutting-edge technology, the diverse market caters to riders of all levels and preferences.

When it comes to purchasing an electric skateboard, buyers must consider their own needs and preferences and prioritize investing in a skateboard that is both reliable and safe.