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Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard
Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard

Build Kit Boards Duo Electric Skateboard

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BKB Duo Pre-Built Electric Longboard. (No Assembly Required for all BKB e-boards on as they are shipped completely assembled)

The Skateboards Electric Advantage: 


  • Factory Direct Pricing: Don’t overpay for a product that never shows up! The lowest prices are found on delivered ASAP.
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  • CPS Extended Warranty: Broken electric vehicles are not good paperweights. Most vehicles have 2 year add on extended warranties available with free shipping to repair facilities on standby ready to fix most all issues that may come up or the vehicle is replaced with a new one so you are sure to have a working vehicle.. 
  • Only the Best Products: All products on the website are proven reliable to include only top of the industry high performance, highly recommended, and endorsed e-skate, e-surf, and e-scooter brand products. 


    Voyager Remote

    The Voyager was designed with one thing in mind; create the most comfortable electric skateboard remote ever made. 

        Tru-Flex Deck

        • We took special consideration when designing the deck. A lot of our customers modify the boards to go 40+ mph, so it needs to be stable at speed.

        BKB Xenith V2 ESC

        • This allows you to customize exactly how the board rides. Switching remotes, motors, batteries, etc has never been easier! It also allows you to tune the acceleration/brake curve exactly how you want. We send it stock with an aggressive curve, meaning you can quickly get up to speed and smoothly stop just as fast. This is only a brief mention of what the VESC is capable of, there is so much more!

        Dual 3000W Motors

        • Our dual 3000W motors provide a combined maximum of 6000W at peak power. Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of torque to beat any Chinese board off the line, and climb any hill you can find.

        Base Model Duo Includes: Battery: DUO 10S3P, Wheels: 97mm Urethane, Deck: Flex 1 (100-230lbs), Charger: Standard 10S with USA plug 



        The only difference between the Duo and the Type R is the battery's higher voltage and larger capacity. This means it will have slightly higher performance and you will be able to ride for approximately three times as long. More specifically the Type R will accelerate harder and and go slightly faster.

         BKB Duo BKB Duo Type R
        Battery 10s3p Molicel P26A 12s5p Molicel P42A
        Battery Watt-hours 280wh 908wh
        Battery Cell Size 18650 21700
        Range (97mm Wheels) 20 miles 60 miles
        Range (105mm Wheels) 18 miles 54 miles
        Range (6in AT Wheels) 10-14 miles 30-42 miles
        Top Speed (97mm Wheels) / 20T Speed 28mph / 35mph 32mph / 42mph
        Top Speed (105mm Wheels)  / 20T Speed 30mph / 36mph 34mph / 44mph
        Top Speed (6in AT Wheels)  / 20T Speed 26mph / 35mph 32mph / 42mph


        Stock Setup: 15T/40T/97mm Wheels/10S Battery

        Motor Pulley Wheel Pulley Belt Size Wheel Size Top Speed (Duo)
        15T 40T 315M 97MM 28MPH
        15T 40T 315M 105MM 30MPH
        15T 60T 375M 150MM 26MPH
        20T 40T 315M 97MM 34MPH
        20T 40T 315M 105MM 36MPH
        20T 60T 375M 150MM



        All complete packages include a Rapid Charger.

        Wheels Upgrade Options: Cloudwheel Red 105mm + $139, or Pneumatic 6" + $159

        Deck Upgrade Option: Flex 2 Deck 230 lbs + load rating + $20

        Factory Warranty: 100 days then repair parts are discounted thereafter. 

        Shipping: 5-7 days to deliver, shipping cost calculated at checkout


        Accessories Sold Separately. Click the link and add these to your cart also before checkout: 

        Xenith Bluetooth Module for Live Metrics + $20: Click Here

        • This bluetooth module will allow you to view real-time data, track rides, check battery voltage, etc. You can also use this to wirelessly program the VESC (capabilities mentioned above). There are iOS, Apple Watch and Android apps available (not designed by us). XMatic for iPhone and VESC Tool for Android.

        Belt Guards + $19:

        Extend belt life and prevent pebbles from getting caught in the belt! Click Here

        20T Speed Upgrade + $39.99: Click Here

        • Include 2x larger 20T motor pulleys and 2x 275M belts

        Kegel Wheel Pulleys + $40: Click Here

        • Includes 2x 40T Kegel Wheel Pulleys and 2x F608ZZ Bearing
        • Allows you to use any wheel with a Kegel Core (Otang, TB110, etc)

        Spare Belt + $8: Click Here

        If purchased, includes 1x spare 265M Belt

        Factory Warranty: 100 days and repair parts are discounted for life.

        Shipping: 7-10 days from USA warehouse


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