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Best Prices, Customer Service, 2 Year Warranty

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Electric Surfboards Are The Wave Of The Future

Our surfboards are proven reliable and include a factory warranty so you can be sure to get what you expect. Designed by the experts many of our models feature lightweight carbon fiber for strength and performance. The motor and battery technology included with these machines are state of the art. Explore uncharted waters and beyond the shoreline without worrying about battery or mechanical issues. Get your feet on one of the best electric surfboards available today.

Perks of Choosing Skateboards Electric  

  • There is a great deal of complicated due diligence required when vetting suppliers and finding the best electric surfing product options. This work has been done and tested so you can find and select the best high-powered electric water jet propulsion products on the market today.

  • We only allow top performing reliable products to be displayed for sale in our store. 

  • Customer Service is a top priority so we are here to help if anything comes up after the vehicle is delivered. 

Personal Electric and Gas Powered Vehicles Are More Fun Now Than Ever Before

Whether you are looking for long, short, or foil e-surfboards, we've got you covered. Our extensive selection of surfboard options have something at affordable and competitive prices. Our e-surfboards are ready to ride in seawater, lakes, and rivers near you.

Water sports technology has evolved. Our electric-powered surfboard vehicles are simpler, more reliable, and user-friendly. Do not miss this chance to fly over water on the world’s most advanced electric surfboards.

Purchase With Confidence

With us, many vehicles are sent with free shipping and a free manufacture warranty.  We accept returns if the product is not used, in the original packing, and within 7 days of delivery. We also offer replacement parts, if the product is damaged for any reason.  

Our boards accelerate quickly, are maneuverable and great for riders of all skill levels. You can teach your friends, add upgrades, customize the graphic design and make the vehicle yours today. Hit the waves, jumps, go racing, and carve hard turns thanks to the durable, lighter weight, high performance features included with our e-surfboards.