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ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard

ZETAZS TRIDENT PRO Electric Skateboard

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With Stability and Style This E-longboard Is Built To Last.

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    • Range: 35-45km / 20-25miles (90mm road tires + 80kg rider 60% speed flat road)
    • Speed: 40KM/h / 25MPH
    • Battery: LG 36V 375Wh
    • Motors: 2400W Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque dual-drive Hub Motors
    • Deck: High strength glass fiber composite elastic banboo
    • Trucks: CNC aviation aluminum alloy, high precision truck system
    • Wheels: CNC aluminum alloy detachable wheels
    • Tires: 90mm PU road tire + 100mm  rubber off road tire
    • Battery & Control Shell: High density cast aluminum alloy
    • Special accessories1: CNC aviation aluminum alloy edge non-slip reminder
    • Special accessories2: CNC aviation aluminum alloy end foot reminder
    • Lights: LED Ambient Light
    • Waterproof: IP55
    • Charging Time: 4-6h
    • Maximum Load Bearing: 120kg / 264.5lbs

    Warranty: 3 months

    Free Shipping: 8-10 days Air Express

    • Shock absorbing superelastic composite deck
    • High strength glass fiber composite elastic bamboo material,improve shock absorption capacity and comfort;
    • Reverse curved design, further improve shock absorption performance;
    • Full coverage arc-shaped socket,wrap the feet in any posture to improve the maneuverability;
    • Wide wing design of foot position, larger standing space and high-speed stability;
    • Nano waterproof coating can effectively prevent water vapor penetration and improve the service life of the board.

    Professional CNC precision truck

    • Itis made of a whole piece of original aluminum through CNC, and then hardened to obtain ultra lightweight and stronger characteristics;
    • Bearing center structure, super smooth steering, and highly precise control effect;
    • High precision stainless steel wheel axle;
    • Metal frosted surface, more outstanding texture appearance;
    • The precision groove position of busing can provide more controllable steering angle;
    • Washers gasket made by CNC can effectively fix busching and improve high-speed driving stability;
    • Laser engraving logo.

    CNC aluminum alloy wheel hub

    • It is processed by CNC with high precision, with more precise concentricity, anti bounce and higher rotating efficiency;
    • Ultra lightweight aviation aluminum alloy materials;
    • Metal frosted surface, stronger metal texture;
    • The detachable structure is convenient for maintenance and replacement of tires;
    • The wheel cover can be changed to customize the appearance you like.

      Large capacity competitive energy supply

      • LG large capacity power battery, in line with safety certification, high efficiency and strong output, more able to withstand high current operation, competitive energy supply;
      • Professional BMS battery management system provides all-round protection and real-time monitoring of battery charging and discharging conditions;
      • High quality electronic components and precise software algorithm are adopted to make the battery pack safe, efficient and stable;
      • Low power consumption mode will be automatically entered after long time storage;
      • Replaceable design.

      Equipped with two types of tires

      • 90mm racing PU tire: 85A high elastic PU tire, faster starting speed and enhanced high-speed stability;
      • 100 mm off-road rubber tire: made of automobile grade rubber, with improved road adaptability, high-efficiency shock absorption without shaking feet, stronger grip, ultra quiet + comfortable experience;
      • Easy to remove tire structure: it is easy to operate by one person, and the tire can be changed quickly by loosening the wheel cover screw.

            LED lighting system

            Intelligent smooth braking, energy recovery

            • Intelligent brake assist and precise algorithm system can provide continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control;
            • The linear brake can provide smooth and linear braking and effectively prevent locking phenomenon;
            • Energy recovery: when braking, the feedback current can be returned to the battery pack, up to 10% of the energy can be recovered, effectively extending the service life;
            • The braking energy of the fourth gear can be adjusted, and the braking energy of the fourth gear can be set remotely according to the preference.

              Visual intelligent remote control

              • If the acceleration function stops before the remote control power is too low when taxiing, the remote control can still use the brake function to ensure the safety of use;
              • High speed transmission of 2.4G, strong anti-interference ability;
              • Vibration feedback, connection and power reminder are more humanized;
              • Linear acceleration and braking control;
              • Adjustable 4-speed / brake mode;
              • The front and rear drive can be switched;
              • Comprehensive interface display.