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With Stability and Style This E-longboard Is Built To Last.

  • Range: 35-45km / 20-25miles (90mm road tires + 80kg rider 60% speed flat road)
  • Speed: 40KM/h / 25MPH
  • Battery: LG 36V 375Wh
  • Motors: 2400W Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque dual-drive Hub Motors
  • Deck: High strength glass fiber composite elastic banboo
  • Trucks: CNC aviation aluminum alloy, high precision truck system
  • Wheels: CNC aluminum alloy detachable wheels
  • Tires: 90mm PU road tire + 100mm  rubber off road tire
  • Battery & Control Shell: High density cast aluminum alloy
  • Special accessories1: CNC aviation aluminum alloy edge non-slip reminder
  • Special accessories2: CNC aviation aluminum alloy end foot reminder
  • Lights: LED Ambient Light
  • Waterproof: IP55
  • Charging Time: 4-6h
  • Maximum Load Bearing: 120kg / 264.5lbs

Shock absorbing superelastic composite deck

  • High strength glass fiber composite elastic bamboo material,improve shock absorption capacity and comfort;
  • Reverse curved design, further improve shock absorption performance;
  • Full coverage arc-shaped socket,wrap the feet in any posture to improve the maneuverability;
  • Wide wing design of foot position, larger standing space and high-speed stability;
  • Nano waterproof coating can effectively prevent water vapor penetration and improve the service life of the board.

Professional CNC precision truck

  • Itis made of a whole piece of original aluminum through CNC, and then hardened to obtain ultra lightweight and stronger characteristics;
  • Bearing center structure, super smooth steering, and highly precise control effect;
  • High precision stainless steel wheel axle;
  • Metal frosted surface, more outstanding texture appearance;
  • The precision groove position of busing can provide more controllable steering angle;
  • Washers gasket made by CNC can effectively fix busching and improve high-speed driving stability;
  • Laser engraving logo.

CNC aluminum alloy wheel hub

  • It is processed by CNC with high precision, with more precise concentricity, anti bounce and higher rotating efficiency;
  • Ultra lightweight aviation aluminum alloy materials;
  • Metal frosted surface, stronger metal texture;
  • The detachable structure is convenient for maintenance and replacement of tires;
  • The wheel cover can be changed to customize the appearance you like.

High torque dual-drive motor

  • 2400W high torque dual drive hub motor, providing strong power output;
  • Up to 90% power efficiency;
  • High torque output of 5N. M * 2, providing up to 35% climbing performance and efficient acceleration performance;
  • Precision lubrication bearing group, super lubrication without jamming;
  • Aluminum alloy shell, fast cooling performance.

Large capacity competitive energy supply

  • LG large capacity power battery, in line with safety certification, high efficiency and strong output, more able to withstand high current operation, competitive energy supply;
  • Professional BMS battery management system provides all-round protection and real-time monitoring of battery charging and discharging conditions;
  • High quality electronic components and precise software algorithm are adopted to make the battery pack safe, efficient and stable;
  • Low power consumption mode will be automatically entered after long time storage;
  • Replaceable design.

Equipped with two types of tires

  • 90mm racing PU tire: 85A high elastic PU tire, faster starting speed and enhanced high-speed stability;
  • 100 mm off-road rubber tire: made of automobile grade rubber, with improved road adaptability, high-efficiency shock absorption without shaking feet, stronger grip, ultra quiet + comfortable experience;
  • Easy to remove tire structure: it is easy to operate by one person, and the tire can be changed quickly by loosening the wheel cover screw.

High efficiency heat dissipation aluminum alloy shell

  • High density casting technology, the shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which is stronger than plastic shell;
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance, ultra efficient cooling for battery pack and control system;
  • The unique metal pattern,smooth touch, improve anti scratch wear performance;
  • Close the rubber ring to improve the waterproof and dust-proof performance;
  • Laser engraving logo.

    CNC foot position reminder

    • It is made of a whole piece of aluminum material through CNC, which is a professional skateboard accessory, so that the feet can sense the edge position and know the position of the feet on the board without lowering the head;
    • The four side anti-skid reminder can enhance the steering control and improve the anti-skid performance;
    • The end foot position reminder can effectively fix the foot position, and can move and adjust the front and rear position.

      LED lighting system

      Intelligent smooth braking, energy recovery

      • Intelligent brake assist and precise algorithm system can provide continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control;
      • The linear brake can provide smooth and linear braking and effectively prevent locking phenomenon;
      • Energy recovery: when braking, the feedback current can be returned to the battery pack, up to 10% of the energy can be recovered, effectively extending the service life;
      • The braking energy of the fourth gear can be adjusted, and the braking energy of the fourth gear can be set remotely according to the preference.

      Intelligent function assistance

      • Push the board to start intelligently, without bending down, and start when pushing;
      • Linear deceleration assist, intelligent algorithm control, after the throttle is released, the motor will decelerate linearly to reduce the sense of frustration and improve the comfort;
      • Locked rotor protection, the motor will automatically stop the output to protect the hardware safety;
      • Intelligent sleep, 5 minutes to detect no operation, automatic sleep to save power.

      Visual intelligent remote control

      • If the acceleration function stops before the remote control power is too low when taxiing, the remote control can still use the brake function to ensure the safety of use;
      • High speed transmission of 2.4G, strong anti-interference ability;
      • Vibration feedback, connection and power reminder are more humanized;
      • Linear acceleration and braking control;
      • Adjustable 4-speed / brake mode;
      • The front and rear drive can be switched;
      • Comprehensive interface display.