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ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard
ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard

ZETAZS KNIGHT PRO 2 Electric Skateboard

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True or False? You have one of the coolest e-boards in town.

If you answered not yet them the Knight Pro 2 is your ticket to win the best looking e-board at your next meetup. 

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  • Features:

    • Weight: 13.2 lbs, 6 kg
    • Top Speed: 24 mph, 38 kph
    • Range: 15.5 miles, 25 km
    • Slope Climing: 25% grade
    • Wheels: 90mm
    • Dimensions:  21.86"x11.4", 555mm x 290mm
    • Battery: LG 36v 200Wh 5.6Ah(10s2p)
    • Max Rider Weight: 264 lbs, 120 kg
    • Free Shipping Included: 10-15 days Air Express
    • Factory Warranty: 3 months


     KNIGHT Pro 2 inherits the advantages of mini size, you can easily put it under the seat, in the trunk or suitcase of the car,and the design of the side handle is easier to carry.

    Performance can easily handle daily use, wheels are durable, widened pedals and shorter wheelbase for portability and maneuverability in tight areas. 

    Easy to control

    We integrated the feedback from a large number of mini skateboard players, and finally designed a brand new deck.The expanded wings on both sides provide more foot space and effectively improve the turning control.

    The rubber foot position indicator at both ends allows you to sense the front and rear positions of your feet without lowering your head, which is safe, comfortable and reliable.

    Shock-absorbing sandpaper 

    Shock-absorbing sandpaper has been developed and added to reduce vibration

    90mm wheel

    90mm large-size wheel set improves the control and is adaptable to various smooth road surfaces.


    CNC aluminum alloy follower wheel

    Wheels made of a single piece of primary aluminum lighter than a solid rubber wheel. The metal frosted surface treatment features more durable qualities. The simple composite structure makes it easy to replace tires and maintain.

    Battery pack

    The battery pack is composed of LG 18650 lithium batteries, equipped with an intelligent battery butler system, and sophisticated algorithms to closely monitor the charge and discharge of each battery cell.

    Dual-drive motor

    Equipped with two 4.6Nm high-performance hub motors with more climbing power and stronger acceleration. The motor parts are precision-machined CNC for more efficient rotation efficiency and better heat dissipation performance.

    Electronic control system implantation

    The electronic control system was redesigned in KNGIHT Pro 2 to be more efficient and optimized. The acceleration performance and braking performance are smoother without delay, and the wireless connection signal is stronger.