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Head to the airport or on vacation with this crafty e-scooter! Functional and fun for all ages.

  • Top Speed: 12.5mph, 20km/h
  • Range: 9.3 miles, 15km
  • 5 inch Non-inflatable anti-skid tire
  • Rear spring shock absorber
  • Quick fold & stepless height adjustment
  • Brake energy recovery
  • Quick installation 20 inch suitcase
  • Shipping Included: 10-15 days Air Express
  • Factory Warranty: 3 months included

Frame design

  • Mini Portable design
  • Aviation aluminum alloy frame
  • Inverted three-wheel structure for high stability
  • Replaceable front wheels

Skate on the road

  • Rolling turns, the turning frame automatically tilts inwards when entering corners at high speed. 
  • High stability, unique turning structure, can move forward smoothly even with one-handed control.

Comfortable Feeling

  • 5 Inch non-inflatable engineering rubber-plastic tire, lightweight, wear-resistant
  • Anti-skid tire pattern;
  • Double-spring high-sensitive shock absorber
  • 140mm deck for improved comfort.

Quick folding system

  • Integrated operation, height adjustment and folding in one step
  • Folding position is adjustable for portability

Power and energy supply

  • 350W motor power
  • Up to 20% climbing
  • High-end BMS battery management system,comprehensive protection and monitoring of battery operation.
  • Long-term storage automatically enters low-power mode
  • Power bank function, 5v2a output USB socket on the side.

Braking , energy saving

  • Intelligent brake assist, precision algorithm system provides continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control.
  • Brake control is achieved with a roller in the handlebar 
  • Energy recovery, the feedback current is returned to the battery when braking. Up to 10% of energy recovery, extends battery life.
Light system
  • Embedded dual LED light
  • Switched on and off by remote control at any time
  • Astigmatic engineering plastic outer tube
  • High brightness blue light, to enjoy riding at night.
  • Accelerator light function
Quick release suitcase
  • Quick-release structure is easy, to use quickly disassembled, and assembled
  • PC engineering plastic box, for durability
  • TSA certified customs lock on suitcase for worry-free travel
  • Anti-scratch dot luggage surface
  • Double anti-riot zippers