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Radinn Powerpack Extended Range

Radinn Powerpack Extended Range

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Radinn Powerpacks are upgradable with add on kits.

  • Standard Range to Extended Range

AUTHORIZED DEALER: Skateboards Electric is an exclusive dealer and retailer for Radinn 

FREE SHIPPING: Factory Direct from Sweden. 5-6 weeks estimated delivery time. 



COMPANY INFO: Founded in 2013 with reinvention and innovation has launched very powerful jet boards. Radinn is based in Sweden building the most radical and fun to ride e-surfboards on the market. As a result of extensive and ongoing R and D, Radinn builds fast, radical, and safe products. With cutting-edge technology and best-in-class performance, an electrified jet board experience is created. A unique drivetrain and patented battery technique allow riders to reach speeds over 34 mph in complete silence. 

*It is recommended that a helmet and impact vest be used when riding the jet board.