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AEBoard AX Mini Electric Skateboard 105mm Wheels
Dual 800w motors and XL 105mm wheels Mini electric skateboard
Dual 800w motors and XL 105mm wheels Mini electric skateboard
Shop strong and fast mini electric skateboard
Strong and fast mini electric skateboard

AEBoard AX Mini Electric Skateboard 105mm Wheels

Skateboards Electric
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Dual 800w motors and XL 105mm wheels are standard on this big wheel mini!

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - The guys at AEBoard have built this mini board strong and fast. The thick durable trucks bolted to dual 800-watt hub motors run quietly while enduring many difficult road conditions.

REMOTE CONTROL - The handheld thumb acceleration and brake-controlled LCD screen remote link automatically when the board and remote are powered on. Wireless 2.5 GHz drone technology powers the rechargeable remote to precisely respond to the operator's desire to accelerate or brake with three modes to choose from. Both acceleration and braking include three modes to choose from. The LCD screen also displays real-time settings that indicate if the system is connected, in forward or reverse, the battery levels of the board, odometer, and real-time, miles per hour speedometer as the e-board travels. It is truly remarkable all this technology operates with just a handheld remote but the smooth acceleration curve and smooth braking as the thumb dial is turned, with some practice, a rider can operate AEBoards with confidence and high performance. 

REMOVABLE AND EXTRA BATTERY - option makes this e-board the clear choice of champions. An airplane-friendly 90w short-range battery is also an option.

FREE SHIPPING - E-board arrives by sea and delivered by UPS ground shipping after clearing customs. 30-40 days estimated. 

EXPEDITED SHIPPING OPTION - E-boards arrive in AIR EXPRESS 10-14 days for a fee. 

90 DAY WARRANTY: The manufacture guarantees all parts and components for 90 days. Replacement parts are sent for free if expectations aren't exceeded. 


  • Weight: 14.3 lbs

  • Speed: 25+ mph

  • Range: 10 miles per battery, 18 miles with upgraded battery

  • Deck: 8 ply Canadian Maple

  • Size: 29 inches x 9.5 inches

  • Wheels: 105 mm x 55 mm Street Honeycomb

  • Motors: 800 watts x 2

  • Battery: 4Ah, 6Ah or Samsung 7Ah for 20-mile range, Charge time 2 hrs,

  • Optional Extra Batt: 4 Ah: $70, 7AH: $120 by special request (not including shipping)

  • Slope: 35% grade

Replacement parts are available if needed. Urethane wheels, green urethane turning bushings, grip tape, etc.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: AEBoard shipping by AIR EXPRESS delivery time estimate is 10-14 days for a fee. Free shipping is also available 30-40 days to deliver by sea from China.


90-DAY WARRANTY - If necessary, the AEBoard can be repaired. Technicians at both AEBoard and Skateboards Electric will always be available to assist and send free replacement parts for boards covered under warranty. 

All AEBoards are covered by a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty guarantee. The promise is to replace not repair defects in workmanship and material. This does not include damage resulting from a post-delivery incident, or from riding in water.

Join the fun: Text "ESK8" to 855-446-4064 or Scan QR Code to automatically reveal "ESKATE" for you to send and join the Skateboards Electric VIP Elite group.