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AEBoard AT2 Plus Electric Longboard All Terrain
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39-inchs x 9.5 inchs wide AE Board
AEBoard AT2 Plus Electric Longboard All Terrain
Premium Thumb control remote

AEBoard AT2 Plus Electric Longboard All Terrain

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THE AT2 sports dual 360-watt hub motors and 6-inch rubber wheels. The all-terrain board is smooth and stable over street cracks, rough surfaces, and mountain trails. 

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY - AEBoard has built a winning All Terrain longboard for stability, increased safety, and versatility. The thick, durable trucks, 6-inch wheels, mounted on 360 watt x 2 hub motors that run quietly while enduring almost any trail, hill, or street condition.

REMOTE CONTROLLED - LED light indicator remote included is easy to use and very smooth. Multiple speed modes and battery life indicator included. 

LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES - Ultra high-capacity batteries are used with three levels of capacity to choose from. 

FUN FOR EVERYONE -  All-terrain e-boards are becoming the best option for e-skating and anyone can enjoy this e-board also with Low, Medium, High, and Turbo speed mode throttle and brake settings available on the handheld remote.

FREE SHIPPING - E-board arrives by sea and delivered by UPS ground shipping after clearing customs. 30-40 days estimated. 

EXPEDITED SHIPPING OPTION - Package arrives by AIR EXPRESS 10-14 days.

90 DAY WARRANTY - The manufacture guarantees all parts and components for 90 days. Replacement parts are sent for free if expectations aren't exceeded. 


  • SPEED: 23 mph or 34 mph + with a battery upgrade

  • WEIGHT: 25 lbs

  • RANGE: 10 miles or up to 37 miles with a battery upgrade

  • SLOPE: 30% grade

  • TRUCKS: Single Kingpin

  • WHEELS: 6 inch

  • DECK: Flex 8 ply Canadian Maple

  • SIZE: 39-inchs x 9.5 inchs wide

  • MOTORS: Hub 360-watt x 2

  • REMOTE: Thumb control to accelerate or slow down, forward or reverse, 3-speed adjustable throttle and brake, Bluetooth 2.4 GHz

  • BATTERY OPTIONS: Charge time 3-4 hrs

  1. 8Ah Standard 10S4P: Range = 9-12 mile range, Top Speed = 23 mph

  2. 10Ah Standard 10S5P: Range = 13-16 mile range, Top Speed = 23 mph

  3. 16Ah Sanyo GA 10S5P: Range = 31-37 mile range, Top Speed = 34 mph+

    Urethane street wheels, green urethane turning bushings, grip tape, and all replacement parts for the board are available.

    SHIPPING OPTIONS: AEBoard shipping by AIR EXPRESS delivery time estimate is 10-14 days. Free shipping is also available that takes 30-40 days to deliver by sea from China.



    If necessary, the AEBoard can be repaired. Technicians at both AEBoard and Skateboards Electric will always be available to assist and send free replacement parts for boards covered under warranty. 

    All AEBoards are covered by a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty guarantee. The promise is to replace not repair defects in workmanship and material. This does not include damage resulting from a post-delivery incident, or from riding in water.

    JOIN THE FUN: Text "ESK8" to 855-446-4064 or Scan QR Code to automatically reveal "ESKATE" for you to send and join the Skateboards Electric VIP group.  

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