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AdmitJet 12,000W  Electric Surfboard
AdmitJet 12,000W  Electric Surfboard
AdmitJet 12,000W  Electric Surfboard

AdmitJet 12,000W Electric Surfboard

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With a great price, fast shipping, and high performance the AdmitJet 12,000W e-surfboard is one of the best ever!

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  • Specs:

    • Top Speed: 34mph, 55 km/h
    • Run Time: 55 minutes per charge
    • Deck: Carbon Fiber or Extra Durable EPP Plastic
    • Total Weight: 77 lbs, 35 kg
    • Battery Weight: 33 lbs, 15 kg
    • Surfboard Shell Weight: 22.7 lbs, 10.3 kg
    • Dimensions: 69" x 24" x 6.5", 1750mm x 600mm x 165mm
    • Motor Power: 12 KW
    • Battery: 72V/58Ah MnNiCo Ternary Lithium 
    • Battery Life: 1000 charges
    • Charger: 72V/58Ah

    Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

    Free Shipping: Air Express 12-14 days. Refundable tariff $100-$200 est because the e-surf machine comes from China and must be paid by the customer. The fee is 100% refundable upon request immediately after proof of payment is received. Battery is sent separately and does not have a tariff. Shipping company will contact the customer for this payment prior to delivery but do not worry because Skateboards Electric will refund 100% of the amount paid for the tariff. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


    Large size Electric Motor rated at 12 KW is made with extra surface area to keep it cool and increase performance. 


    Highest quality Battery 72V/58Ah is sealed inside of a steel metal case. With it's quick disconnect removal from the e-surfboard shell the battery is built to last. 


    High strength steel Propulsion System is built to be fast and durable. The electric machine runs smooth and quiet for a ride that is unique and unforgettable. 


    Pistol trigger style Remote. A rope style cord is attached from the top deck of the board to the remote for added stability and performance. The remote is easy to use and reliable for high speed fun. 


    LCD Display Shows the battery level and speed of the surfboard for ease of use and safe trip planning. 





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