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Best Electric Surfboards (9)



YuJet Rotomold Electric Surfboard


SE2 Surf Electric Surfboard


SE Surf Gas Powered Surfboard


Radinn Carve


Radinn Freeride


Radinn X-Sport Freeride


SE Surf Electric Surfboard


Epic Electric Hydrofoil


Electric Surfboard on the Market

It's time to surf your way to joy. Our surfboards with excellent support and lightweight carbon fiber can make your ride glitch-free. So, why cut short your battery-powered surfboard ride? Explore the uncharted waters and beyond the shoreline without worrying about battery backup. Get your feet on the best electric surfboard now.

Perks of Choosing Skateboards Electric  

  • Carbon-infused intake and impeller for high-powered electric water jet propulsion.

  • Our waterproof Lithium-Ion would keep you covered.

  • Setting the speed modes just became easier than ever with our wireless remote. High or low speed; choose on the go!

Buy Electric Surfboard to Experience the Ultimate Ride  

Whether you are looking for long-range e-surfboards or smaller ones, we have got you covered. Our extensive range and electric surfboard for sale option have something for all pocket sizes. You can use our e-surfboard in seawater if the e- surfboard and the power system are flushed with fresh water after use.

Water sports have evolved. We made our electric-powered surfboard even simpler, more reliable, and user-friendly. Do not miss the chance to fly over water – on the world’s most advanced electric surfboards.

Purchase That You Won't Regret

With us, you can leverage free shipping and our manufacture warranty for 12 months will keep you covered. We easily accept returns if the product is in the original packing within 7 days after delivery for shipping damage or other defects. We also offer replacement parts, if the product is damaged by the end-user.  

Our most popular board planes quickly yet are still maneuverable for expert riders. You can teach pals or add advanced wings to improve your ride thanks to the quality craftsmanship and modular design. It's ideal for waves, jumps, racing, and carving hard thanks to its lighter weight, streamlined design, and adjustable foot straps of our e-surfboards.

Take to the water with all the latest high tech, high output, long-range lithium-ion battery technology at your fingertips. Skip across the water on a YuJet e-surfboard or float above on an e-hydrofoil to experience being on the water like never before.