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Why Risk it All, When You Can Have An All Terrain E-Board?

by Thomas Oliphant on February 06, 2021

When it comes to choosing your first all-terrain electric skateboard, there are a few important things to factor in. What features that make each board unique? What makes one type of e-board special are its large wheels. With large non-urethane wheels there is room for innovative steering systems, extra wide trucks and increased ride height. Compared to standard electric skateboards, all-terrain boards are built with extended range batteries, powerful motors, and off road capability that has never been seen before. The infographics below feature some of the top benefits all-terrain electric longboards include.


The Ecomobl ET shown above and other all terrain style e-boards have large 6-10 inch wheels, four inches + ground clearance, wide wheel-base, and sometimes even full working suspension with spring shocks and A-arms. With lights on all sides for safety the breakthrough "Planetary Gear" style motors solve the "rock in the belt malfunction" problems that belt drive boards encounter when riding off road. All-terrain boards are versatile, well built and durable which make them a great fit for the adventure seeking e-longboarder.


All-terrain electric skateboards wheels are built for durability and traction. Most street electric skateboard wheels are urethane, which are liable to get stuck on rocks, derailed by manhole covers, become slippery when wet, bumpy, and unforgiving. Urethane wheels are great for smooth surfaces but all-terrain wheels are better in many ways than urethane wheels because of their forgiving nature when encountering rough terrain and performin g well on smooth surfaces. There are three basic types of all-terrain wheels:

  • 1) Solid Rubber
  • 2) Honeycomb rubber
  • 3) Pneumatic air filled tires that can be used with high and low air pressure depending on the terrain.

Steering and Trucks

When it comes to steering and trucks, new technology now allows for both spring and urethane steering options. Boards with spring steering systems are usually used on dirt and uneven surfaces, while urethane bushing steering systems are effective for both street and off-road uneven surfaces. Double and single kingpin truck options can vary the ride experience, with a double kingpin making for tighter cornering and a smaller turning radius.


All-terrain electric longboards typically include larger batteries. Each battery is crafted with innovative lipo technology that is durable, long lasting, fast charging, high capacity and high tech. Some systems are made for long distance low max output capacity and others are built for fast acceleration and steep hill climbing. All e-boards are different so, e-skate enthusiasts find it to be a lot of fun to ride various models and brands of e-boards to enjoy the different setups and capabilities.

In conclusion, all terrain e-boards elevate an electric skate adventure because of their added features. Most experienced e-skaters have an all terrain board to select when planning their next adventure. All terrain boards are now a great choice for all skill level e-skate riders.

At, we have everything you need in order to choose a great all-terrain electric skateboard. With many types and models to choose from we are sure you will find a board that will fit your liking. Head over to the ‘All-Terrain E-Longboards’ section on Skateboards Electric to find your new board today.