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Why Risk it All, When You Can Have An All Terrain E-Board?

by Thomas Oliphant on February 06, 2021

All Terrain E-boards:


All-terrain electric skateboards wheels are built for durability and traction. Most street electric skateboard wheels are urethane, which are liable to get stuck on rocks, derailed by manhole covers, become slippery when wet, bumpy, and unforgiving. Urethane wheels are great for smooth surfaces but all-terrain wheels are safer and more capable. There are three basic types of all-terrain wheels:

  • 1) Solid Rubber
  • 2) Honeycomb rubber
  • 3) Pneumatic air filled tires that can be used with high and low air pressure depending on the terrain.

Steering and Trucks

When it comes to steering and trucks there are many options. Try them all.  


In conclusion, all terrain e-boards are here and ready for an adventure when you are. All terrain boards are now a great choice for all skill level e-skate riders.

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