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Trick Shortboards vs Electric Skateboards: Ride Them All

by Thomas Oliphant on December 24, 2021

What are the major differences between electric skateboards and kick push small wheel skateboard? 


Skateboards with a battery have the acceleration and electronic brake systems never seen before in the sport of skate/longboarding. 

Every rider and skateboard has a different top speed. Find your favorite based on your intended use. Skatepark? - Kickboard. Downhill Longboarding 50+ mph? - Downhill longboard.

Exploring the streets, trails, sidewalks, mountain roads, dirt roads, mountain bike trails, mountain climbing - Electric Skateboard

Group rides with other electric vehicles? Electric Skateboard or Electric Scooter.

Commute to work or local hot spots? Electric Skateboard 

Benefits of an e-skateboard?

All-terrain electric skateboards are more versatile and capable of navigation across rough or unexpected road hazards.

Electric skateboards on smooth paved surfaces open your skateboarding options to another level of non-stop fun. 

When jumping into the sport be sure to select an e-skateboard that is a challenge for your skill level. Many of us have 4 or more e-boards to suit the various types of skateboard rides we want to go after.

  • Traffic Jamming: When your proficient and cautious some of us enjoy making your way through-traffic congestion with the quickness by carefully slicing your way through them! What local places can you take your e-board to rather than driving? Some skaters commute to work on an e-board.
  • Ride Up Hills: Powerful electric motors wisk the board and rider up hills that would otherwise be avoided. 
  • Dive Into Steep Hills and Racetracks: With gravity defying control of the e-skateboard, riders find a new type of high speed, long distance carving that has never been possible until now. We race e-longboards at ESK8CON. Check out the races and see you there!
  • Remote Control Throttle and Brake: Riders control the e-skate vehicles with precision by a hand held wireless remote. 
  • Safety: With a helmet as a self regulating minimum rule for e-skaters the choice is yours as to how much protection is needed. As experienced e-skaters we always gear up. Full face helmet, full sport bike racing leathers, or hockey shoulder pads, rib protection, hip protection, elbow and knee pads, high top shoes, ankle guards, wrist protector gloves. Many riders report that with full protection the sport is significantly more enjoyable long term.