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Get Your Hands on the Best Support and Spare Parts For Electric Skateboarding

by Thomas Oliphant on December 29, 2021

Skateboarding has been discovered to offer a variety of benefits, spanning from mental health to education and careers, according to USC experts.

According to USC, first-of-its-kind research of skateboarding culture discovered that the sport enhances mental health, develops community, and promotes diversity and resilience. {1}

Stereotyping masks an array of valuable skills obtained through skateboarding. The study aims to redefine what it means to be a skateboarder and highlight connections among skateboarding, education, and career.

Skaters gain the ability to converse and form relationships with people from all backgrounds, according to the research.

Skaters are great critical thinkers and problem solvers who take a more collective approach to achievement. They apply this knowledge to other aspects of their lives, which is beneficial to any university or institution.

So, is this the only reason to get your child one of the best electric skateboards? No. You help your child release stress and enhance their academic performance as well. Moreover, who knows, your child or you can be the Olympic game-winner? Are you thinking how? Scroll to the next section, to decipher how.


Skateboarding: From a Hobby to Being the New Olympic Sports

Skateboarding has long been a popular after-school activity among children and teenagers, but the Tokyo Olympics firmly established the sport as a mainstream sport.

Skateboarding made its Olympic debut this year, with some of the greatest athletes from across the world competing in two different disciplines: street and park.

Skateboarding is a difficult sport to perfect, but it's a terrific way to get kids moving. Physical activity is one of the most essential aspects of children's health, so it's a great way to get them moving. Here are a few reasons to visit your local skate park or invest in an electric skateboard.


6 Transformation Benefits of Skateboarding for You

1. It Helps to Ease Stress

Skateboarding can be regarded as a form of mindfulness in motion. While most people equate meditation with sitting motionless, difficult activities such as skating can help kids focus on the present now and relax their minds into a hyper-focused state.

The sport is especially beneficial for children with mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression, as it may divert their attention away from their daily worries. Because physical exercise generates endorphins in the brain, working out, in general, is a terrific way to relieve stress.


2. It helps children stay in shape and enhances their coordination.

Skateboarding has many health benefits, including increased coordination, balance, and flexibility, as well as improved cardiovascular fitness.

Balance on the board while moving utilizes leg, core, and arm muscles, and kids must learn to make precise micro-movements in order to skate smoothly and precisely.

It's also an excellent cross-training discipline for kids since the abilities they learn on the board will aid them in a variety of other sports, including surfing, yoga, and gymnastics.


3. It's a great method to meet new people.

The skatepark is a very sociable setting, and it's a great place for kids to make new friends outside of school - especially if they have social anxiety.

Skating is mostly a lonely sport, but kids meet at the local park to practice, watch, and provide suggestions and encouragement, and many young people develop lifelong relationships this way.

So, what is holding you back from buying an electric skateboard? All you need to do is do some market research and get the best electric skateboard for your kid. Are you worried about the safety of your kids when skateboarding? Fret not, these safety gears will keep them covered.


4. Skating promotes bravery

Another wonderful skateboarding benefit that few sports provide is the encouragement of bravery. The most terrifying aspect of skateboarding is losing control when performing a stunt. As a result, every stunt needs numerous hours of practice in order for the skateboarder to be able to execute even the most intricate stunts with a clear and concentrated mind. This ability to persevere and have a calm and concentrated mind can be incredibly useful in real life (and emergency scenarios).


5. Bruises and bumps teach determination in skateboarding.

Scars and scrapes Aches and aches are a common occurrence. Skateboarding encompasses all of them. We're willing to endure the abuse because we love skateboarding so much. Skating is significantly more enjoyable and exciting than it is painful.

The majority of minor injuries recover on their own. You lose sight of them. Your first kickflip, drop-in, or handrail, on the other hand, will stay with you forever. As a result, we just roll with the punches. And each time, the punches grow a little easier to take. We plummet. We get out of bed. We try again, this time with even greater zeal.


6. Helps to Ditch the Digital Landscape and Connect with the Real World

Many people nowadays have negative habits such as staying indoors for the entire day, constantly playing smartphones or video games, and so on. When you pick up your skateboard, though, such things will no longer worry you.


How to do Things in a Safe Manner?

If your children have never tried skateboarding before, the safest option is to enroll them in a basic skating class. These lessons teach essential skills such as how to stop and fall without injuring themselves.

To avoid injuries while learning, it's a good idea to invest in protective gear like a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and closed-toe shoes.

Now, if you have decided to get the best support and spare parts for your kids to ensure their safety. Our comprehensive guide will offer in-depth knowledge.


Everything to Know about Electric Skateboards Spare Parts

Once you decide to buy an e-skateboard, it is indispensable to look for a high-quality product. In tandem with that, you should be cognizant of the warranty and a gamut of other factors which make your purchase bang for your bucks.

So, what are the other elements that you should consider before purchasing a skateboard? Hold your horses, you do not need to surf the internet to get that one answered. We have encapsulated a list of things for you in the blog post. Let us unfold the factors that are unmissable when you make your next e-skateboard purchase.

It is a no-brainer that all manufacturers offer a " factory warranty", which varies from 3-12 months. So, it is vital to meticulously read this information before you make the purchase.

Within the Manufacturing Warranty terms, if the e-board, scooter, or e-surfboard has any faults that were not caused by the customer, the manufacturer will supply free parts for repairs.

Once, you have understood the warranty, it is important to know how can you file the claim, in case, you face any issues.

The first step in filing a warranty claim is to watch a video. Customers who have an unsolved issue with an e-board that is still under warranty are urged to record a brief video with their phone and email it to us along with a description of what is and is not working. A manufacturer's technician will evaluate the video and message and determine the next actions.

The manufacturer will deliver the parts needed to fix the board for free as soon as the diagnosis is complete.

If the board is out of warranty, the manufacturer will determine which parts the client needs to acquire in order to repair the e-board.

The consumer does all the repairs with the assistance of the manufacturer.

Without an iota of doubt, after years of use, all the electric board will wear out after use, so it would be a wise call to look for an extra set on hand.

Because board remotes can break, having a spare portable remote is also a good idea.

Grip tape also wears out with time, so having an extra roll on hand when it's time to replace worn grip tape is a good idea.

A two-year extended CPS warranty is recommended to protect the board against unintentional damage. For up to two years, water damage and materials to repair the board are covered.

So, once you know about what factors to look into when buying your electric skateboard, it is vital to look into the best ways to get the right remote for your skateboard as well.


Why Looking for Functional and Ergonomic Remote is Important?

It's just as crucial to have a fantastic remote as it is to have a well-designed battery, speed controller, solid deck, and great wheels. A good remote is essential if you want to ride securely. However, we sometimes forget where we put them or fall and break them by accident. We'd like to switch things up now and then to better fit our riding demands.

Your remote control is a miniature computer. It detects the position of your throttle and sends a signal to your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Depending on how your ESC is set up, the further you move the throttle forward/backward, the faster you'll accelerate/the harder you'll brake.

In a nutshell, the remote is an essential component of your board. You won't be able to regulate your vehicle without it. The ESC will tell you what remote you'll need, how to connect it to your old one, and how much a replacement remote will cost.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for high-quality electric skateboards accessories, we have an array of options to keep you content. Explore your options and customer-centric services and warranty will make your purchase worth it.