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9 Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Skateboard

by Thomas Oliphant on December 06, 2021

As technology has advanced and grown more affordable, the electric skateboard market has blossomed in recent years. When it comes to selecting the best electric skateboard for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. We've compiled a list of crucial factors that will assist you in finding the best gear for you.

As new brands hit the market, promising identical characteristics for half the price, you'll need to keep an open mind to distinguish the phonies from the real deal. So, ensure to keep the enlisted factors in mind.


Top Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your E-Skateboard


1. Range

The environment you're riding in, your skateboard setup, and your riding style all affect the range. Street wheels, for example, will give you more range than all-terrain wheels.

When considering purchasing an electric skateboard, the first question you should ask yourself is for what purpose the board will be used. Carving/Fun? Are you considering purchasing an electric skateboard to use for traveling to work or school? How do you go around on the weekends? Off-road? All of the aforementioned?

With that in mind, see whether any of the electric skateboards on your radar have the range to meet your needs. Is it possible for you to travel there and back without having to worry about mileage or range anxiety?


2. Support and spare parts

What is the warranty period? How often will the belt, wheels, or other parts need to be replaced, and are they easily interchangeable? What is customer service like in the event of a problem?

These considerations are critical because your board must be on the road to be appreciated. It's also crucial to have a local repair center as well as a shop where you can acquire all of the replacement parts and accessories you'll need to maintain the board working.

We ensure that your board arrives quickly, and our experts lend their ears to resolve your issues in a quick turnaround time.


3. Weight

Weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing an electric skateboard for commuting. Will you be able to carry it or kick-push it home? There aren't many cars that have a range of 50 kilometers and can be carried under one arm, boarded a bus or train, and slid onto your work desk. Electric skateboards can be quite hefty, especially when they have a large range.


4. Performance

Some boards get you from point A to point B, and then some boards are a sheer joy to ride. Examine the wheels and trucks, and think about how this board might function without the electrical setup. A high-quality motorized longboard differs greatly from a store-bought electric skateboard.

The total riding performance is mostly determined by the wheels and trucks. You can look for our skateboards, the thick durable trucks bolted to dual 250-watt hub motors run quietly and difficult roads won't lead to any more bumpy rides.


5. Value for Money

What exactly do you get for your money. Lithium is more expensive than lead-acid, professionally branded skate parts are more expensive and of higher quality than off-the-shelf Chinese skateboards, and a longer range indicates the usage of a more expensive battery. Who designed and built the board?

In terms of pricing and materials utilized, there is a significant disparity in the electric skateboard industry; the rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. Reading electric skateboard reviews and learning about the company's history and how they treat their customers is also a fantastic idea!


6. Thumb or Trigger Remote Control

The index finger is the most natural way to control and feel anything; nevertheless, employing a thumb will not feel as natural as utilizing a trigger control. It's also the quickest and easiest method to get used to riding your electric skateboard.


7. Number of Motors

Both can be beneficial! Our motor technology has only recently advanced enough to allow for respectable performance from two motors without sacrificing the smooth free-roll that makes the best electric skateboards so enjoyable. Previously, this could only be done with a single purpose-built engine, but it still delivers outstanding results.

Specifically designed sensored brushless motors in more current models, on the other hand, make use of the enhanced grip and performance of two driven wheels while still providing smooth performance and superb free-roll. The key is once again in the overall system design!


8. Material and Design of the Deck

The decks of electric skateboards are usually built of one of two materials: bamboo or carbon fiber/fiberglass. While many electric skateboards amalgam the two materials, most large corporations prefer to use one or the other.

The differential between the two materials determines whether a board is flexible or stiff for riders. Bamboo is more flexible than fiberglass, which is more rigid.


9. Wattage

When it comes to determining the power of an electric skateboard, wattage is critical. In other words, reduced wattage equates to lower power. Lower speeds, torque, and hill functionality are all signs of limited power.

You'll need a board with at least 1500W if you reside in a region with a lot of hills and steep inclines. The Dual Boosted has a wattage of 2000W, which puts it at the top of the electric skateboard wattage scale.


The Bottom Line


We put a premium on power, performance, and quality at Our technology has been in development for almost a decade. Our quality control procedure has been enhanced, and we take every precaution to assure that you receive a premium board. Thus, choosing the right seller can make a world of a difference for your ride. Whether you want electric skateboards for commute purposes or recreational activity, we have it all for you. Explore your options and get a quick delivery at unparalleled prices.