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7 Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Skateboard

by Thomas Oliphant on September 01, 2022

In recent years electric skateboarding has become very popular. When it comes to selecting the best e-board for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. We've compiled a list of crucial factors that will assist you in finding the best ones for you.

Top Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your E-Skateboard

1. Range

The terrain, skateboard setup, rider weight, and riding style all affect the range. Street wheels, for example, will give you more range than all-terrain pneumatic wheels.

When considering purchasing an electric skateboard, the first question you should ask yourself is for what purpose the board will be used. 15-20 mile adventure rides into the mountains, carving/fun to relieve stress, short rides to a friends house, commuting to work?

2. Support and Spare Parts

Here are some important questions to ask. What is the warranty period? How often will the belt, wheels, or other parts need to be replaced, and are they easily interchangeable? What is customer service like in the event of a problem? Is there an accessible online shop with accessible customer service where you can find the guidance needed to locate and acquire replacement parts and accessories? 

Here at Skateboards Electric Inc. we are ready to help. Experienced staff are available to work with customers so all issues or questions can be resolved or answered as quickly as possible.

3. Weight

Weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing an electric skateboard. Big adventure boards can be transported but commuter boards need to be stored easily so pick the board that best fits the intended purpose. Many e-skate enthusiasts have four or more boards to choose from so their riding experience is optimized.  

4. Performance

When shopping for your next e-vehicle always examine the wheels, trucks, deck size, battery, and motors. A high-quality motorized longboard will not leave you stranded. Speed, range, and terrain type riders want to access will determine the e-vehicle that is best. For personalized assistance when selecting the perfect machine give Skateboards Electric a call 855 401 3727.

5. Value for Money

What exactly do you get for your money? Lithium battery size and motor power costs more when upgraded so spend more to go farther faster. The vehicles prices on are the lowest possible and in alignment with the value available.

6. Number of Motors

One motor will reduce the cost but does not accelerate as quickly as a two motor e-board setup. Two motors are recommended for frequent riders looking for high speeds and strong acceleration.

7. Material and Dimensions of the Deck

The decks of electric skateboards are usually built of one of maple, bamboo or carbon fiber/fiberglass. Deck flexibility varies so if you're an adult over 200 lbs looking for a stiff deck be sure to choose carbon fiber or 8 plus layers of maple. Flexible decks are great for carving and off road non-suspension boards. Generally speaking, stiff decks without suspension are best for high speed street riding. 

Taller riders that are over 200 lbs usually prefer longer decks that are 42 inches long and 9-10.5 inches wide. Shorter decks are suitable for 180lb riders under 6 feet tall.  

The Bottom Line

We put a premium on power, performance, and quality at E-skate technology has been in development for almost a decade. For the e-boards sold on our website, quality control is a priority. We only allow reliable proven vehicles that have spare parts and repair assistance readily available. Many vehicles are not sold on our website due to technical issues so feel free to give one of our boards a shot. You are in good hands with Skateboards Electric in your corner.